How often should you Wash Curly Hair( In 4 simple steps)

Curly hair gives you a pretty aesthetic appearance, but you may be wondering, “how often should you wash curly  hair?”

The answer may not be as straight forward as you think.

Curly hair can be tedious to manage due to their distinct textures and curls.

According to trichologist Kerry E. Yates of Colour Collective, curly hair has more dryness and require extra attention.

While there is no exact rule of the thumb as to how often should you wash curly hair, most stylists recommend doing it between once to five times per week.

Usually, the number depends on several factors like curl texture, hair products, exposure to different elements and your overall hair health.

How to Wash Curly Hair

You may be surprised to learn that there is a well-thought-out routine in washing curls.

 To minimize damage and maintain an excellent texture, follow  this step by step process

1.Carefully Detangle

Curly hair can easily tangle up due to twisting and turning. Before washing, gently detangle your hair to avoid any breakages.

Detangling your hair allows you to easily comb it after cleaning.

Using your fingers  and a wide-tooth brush, begin from the base to the roots.

At this stage, you can apply a curly hair detangler conditioner to remove the twists and knots.

The next step involves thoroughly washing your hair. During cleanse, first check the water temperature to ensure it’s  between room temperature to lukewarm.

But does it matter?

Ideally, hot water can lead to more damage to your curls. It dries out your hair and prevent your shampoo from doing its work while cleaning.

Hot water can eliminate some of the essential oils that maintain the healthiness of your curls.

During washing, you may be tempted to use salty water since it’s a great styling option.

Keep in mind, salty water has got long term effects on your curls. Instead,  go for fresh water to maintain your hair’s health.

After thoroughly washing your curly hair, get ready to apply shampoo.

2. Shampooing your hair

While selecting a shampoo brand, choose one that don’t destroy your curls but can clean the roots.

But how will you know?

Choose sulfate -free shampoo brands to avoid removing naturally occurring essential oils from your hair.

Your choice of shampoo will likely  be influenced by the type of curls you have.

Thicker curls  usually need a denser shampoo, typically with more moisturizing formula whereas , with thin strands curls, a less dense shampoo will suffice.

To remove any excess built-up shampoo products, use a shampoo brush to gently lift off the excess from your scalp.

When finished, thoroughly rinse using cold or lukewarm water to completely remove the products from your hair. 

3. Condition Your Curls

Before applying  conditioner, remove excess water rom your hair by squeezing gently.

Removing excess water helps to increase the efficiency and distribution of the conditioner.

It also prevents you using too much conditioner.

When you are ready,  carefully apply the conditioner to the length of your curls without touching your scalp.

This will focus  the conditioner to the parts of the hair that are dry and fragile.

To prevent wastage, portion out the conditioner  product by squeezing small amounts into your palms first.

Continue to apply the portioned amount into your curls while gradually adding instead of applying directly to your hair, ensuring you use the correct amount of conditioner.

This also ensures that all parts of the length of your curls are well covered by the conditioner.

A good conditioner should contain natural oils to maintain your hair health and prevent drying. Pick one that doesn’t have ingredients that will be detrimental to your hair growth.

The recommended conditioner has naturally occurring ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba or essential oils.

You can choose Love Ur Curls conditioner  brand due to its high efficiency and moisturizing content. It is Sulfate-free to ensure your curls maintain their natural essential oils.

Leave the conditioner to set for about 10-20 minutes before washing out.

4. Rinse and Dry

Thoroughly rinse off your hair using cold or lukewarm water to ensure all the products are completely removed.

With the help of a microfiber towel or a soft cotton shirt, turn your head upside down, gently squeeze your curls to make sure all the water is dried out.

Plopping your hair using the microfiber towel also ensures you maintain the shape of your curls and reduces frizz.

Proceed to dry out using a diffuser instead of a hair drier.

Why a diffuser?

  Well, diffusers are more fluid unlike hair driers which tend to have more force, resulting to hair frizz.

The table below illustrates how different drying methods  compare

PloppingDiffusingAir drying
You use a microfiber towel to gently press the water from your curlsUsing a bowl-shaped attachment, you disperse air into your curls reducing the amount of heat that goes directly to themThis is the method of allowing your hair to dry naturally by allowing it to set and dry freely
No heat is usedIt involves heat to some degreeHeat is not used
Less multitaskingMinimal  multitasking during dryingAllows you to multitask since the hair dries on its own

Remember, each drying method has its own pros and cons. When it comes to curly hair, don’t be afraid to experiment.

You might just find  what works best for you!

After Successfully Washing Your Curly Hair, What Next?

Post wash-care is an  essential step to maintain your hair health and growth. While washing your curls may be the main goal, maintaining their state is equally important.

Some of the best post-wash care routine include:

1. Applying leave in – Products

These are vital care products which you apply to your curls after washing. They include creams, conditioners,  oils or gels.

They nourish your hair and also act as styling tools to improve the look and feel of your curls.

According to veteran stylist Jenna Spino, leave-in products provide ample moisture to protect your curls from  frizz. They ensure your hair is protected rom damage and maintains their shine.

One of the best leave-in products for curly hair is the Cantu -Leave in Conditioning and Repair Cream with Argan Oil. It contains natural oils to moisturize  and protect your hair to maintain their shine.

2. Minimize Heating your curls

While  you may be tempted to use heat to style your curls due to its ability to give a more refined texture, constant heating damages your hair.

Excessive heat can lead to permanent hair damage by splitting its ends and causing breakages.

You may be forced to completely cut out the damaged parts.

If it is necessary that you style your hair through heating, always remember to take the following precautions:

It is sulfate-free to maintain the natural oils in your curls and protect your hair from  heat damage.

  • Strengthen your hair by applying products that contain natural proteins. Proteins make your hair more defined and elastic.  
  • Avoid products with excessive moisturize and heavy elements. They remove essential oils from your curls leading to hair damage.

In  summary

How often should you wash curly hair?

There is  no specific rule of the thumb that dictates the frequency  of washing your curls.  

The best approach in washing your hair involves multiple steps  from detangling, cleaning, shampooing, conditioning and drying.

For recommended hair products, carefully read the labels.

Go for sulfate-free products that contain natural essential oils that preserve your hair health and prevents damage.

In addition to washing your curls, always ensure you follow post-wash care routines. They are vital to maintain your fresh outlook. They also preserve your hair health and growth.

Remember, having curly hair means having fun!

Don’t be afraid to experiment but keep in mind the recommended care routines that brings the shine and style to your curls.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQS)

How often should you wash curly hair?

There is no specific amount of time time required to wash your curls. It is entirely your choice depending on what you want to achieve.

How do you wash curly hair?

washing curly hair involves a step by step procedure starting from detangling your hair. Proceed to shampooing, conditioning then finally rinse and dry

How do you choose the correct curly hair products?

Carefully read the product labels. Choose sulfate -free products that lack heavy elements.

Your products should contain natural essential oils to maintain your hair health and prevent damage.

What are some of the best post -wash care routines?

The best care routines after washing includes applying leave-in products, following the recommended drying techniques and minimizing heating during styling.


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